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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

OMG, is it Thursday already? I'm so discombobulated since my husband's schedule changed at the store. His weekends are now Tuesday and Wednesday, so I've sort of adjusted my own schedule to match his so that we can do our weekend stuff at the same time. But it's screwing up my internal clock.

I have nothing to blog about and too much to blog about. Does this ever happen to you? It's hard to focus. I have the writing life, the personal life, the job life, the social life *cough*, and then just life in general. So this is going to be a mish-mash of stuff.

Pupzilla. Always a good subject for me since she's so much the center of my life these days, and not by choice. She's just a very demanding dog. Kinsey has calmed quite a bit, matured, but she always needs something and my husband is more than happy to give her anything she wants whenever she wants it. I'm not so inclined, and I get to live with her all day.

Lately, Kinsey has this thing for her frizbee. I bought her 3 of them, and she's obssessed. That's all she wants to do is catch the frizbee and she'll shove it in your face all day long if you don't throw the slimy thing covered in her dog slobber. She's only five months old, but she can leap in the air and twist every which way to grab it before it hits the ground. I think I need to enroll her in agility training when she's a little older.

Prices are going up everywhere, despite the crappy economy. You'd think it would be the opposite, wouldn't you? I got my snow tires replaced with my radials yesterday, and it cost me $10 more than it did last year. Why?

The worst of it is my dentist. My husband and I both have periodontal disease and need frequent maintenance cleanings which cost double the standard cleaning rate. I need mine 3 times a year, my husband needs his 4 times. We received the insurance statement the other day that showed a bill of $185 for one periodontal cleaning. Holy crap! That's $25 more than it cost 3 months ago! WTF? So I called to let the dentist's office know we'd be taking our business elsewhere. The office manager called me back with all kinds of excuses, like they hadn't raised their rates in 3 years (not true, they just hadn't raised them 18% like they suddenly did this year), but they'll make an exception just for my husband and I by keeping us at the old rate, which is still $20 more than every other dentist in town. I backed down, but probably not for long. We've really been pinching our pennies.

My design business is not as lucrative as it was in the fall. Clients aren't producing the projects I had scheduled for them. This gives me a lot of free time to write, but it's hard to be creative when your gut is clenched with anxiety because you're not sure how you'll pay next month's mortgage.

I didn't mean for this to be such a whiny post today, but I imagine it mirrors a lot of other people struggling through this recession. I'm sure there are others who, like me, don't drive anywhere unless they absolutely have to, put shopping for new clothes on hold, stopped eating out, keep the heat turned down to just above the breath-fog level, launder less frequently, eat more macaroni and cheese, and take do-it-yourself projects to a whole new level.

I'm going to have to work on writing a more positive post tomorrow. It will take some research, so I better start now. :)