Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday in Bend, Oregon

Ahhhh. Time to relax before jumping into the bottomless work pool again. I'm going to give myself a couple of hours leisure time on this balmy Saturday here in Bend to sit in my sky chair (hammock for one), listen to the fountain on my front porch, and just breathe. The air is so fresh and clean here. I'm very lucky to live where I do.

So sorry to have missed so many blogging days! Ugh. My intention when I started this blog was to post something every day, no matter how minimal. My bad. So I'll post several times today to make up for it. Does that work? Or is that cheating.

Check out this photo of my fountain. Now imagine ponderosa pine trees waving in a warm breeze, a terrain of prehistoric lava rock sprouting rabbit's brush and juniper, a porch railing of peeled pine bordered by flowering geraniums, and hanging baskets of fragrant petunias and fushia. Thanks for stopping by.

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