Saturday, December 8, 2007

Meme in 2s

Word Count 12/8/07: 994

Two Men I’d Love to Date if I Were Single (and they were single):

-A genie who would grant all my wishes, including the one "I wish for more wishes."
-A millionaire tycoon who loved to travel

I Am Wearing...
-my favorite hoodie sweatshirt (that seriously needs to go in the laundry)
-no nail polish (on either fingers or toes)

Two Things I Would Want in a Relationship:

Two of My Favorite Things to do:
-Watch back to back episodes of tv shows on DVD from my laptop
-Read great novels that actually hold my attention for more than an hour at a time

Two Things I Want Very Badly At the Moment:
-To finish writing my book (I'm getting so close now)
-For my husband to get over his cold.

Two things I did recently:
-Wrote a letter to a friend who just moved to Slovakia
-Looked up a new saying to put on the front of my hero's latest t-shirt: I had a handle on life, but it broke.

Two things I ate today:
-French toast (it's still early so that's all I've had so far today, unless you count coffee as food, which it kind of is for me).

Two things I’m doing tomorrow:
-Addressing Christmas cards

Two Favorite Holidays:
-Christmas and Thanksgiving

Two Things about me, things you may not have known about me:
-I ride a unicycle
-I've never had wisdom teeth

Two of my Favorite Foods:
-Thai peanut shrimp with noodles and cucumbers
-Anything from Bend Fish Company

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