Friday, March 28, 2008

Freestyle Friday

I don't usually put much stock in dreams, but I had a doozey last night. It was one of those dreams you wake up from, get up to use the bathroom, go back to bed, and pick right up where you left off. Very odd, very disturbing.

It wasn't a nightmare. I don't have nightmares. I have odd dreams that make me go "hmmm…" In last night's episode, I was kidnapped. And I have yet to figure out why.

Here's what happened. I was at some kind of event at a stadium, and I think it was either a concert or a bizarre of some sort. Like a festival with booths that sold stuff. My grandson was with me. Someone was following us through the crowd, I got freaked out, and we left in my car. Somewhere along the way, I was forced to pull over. Then all goes black.

The lights come on inside a building with lots of floors, hallways, and staircases (pretty much the norm in many of my dreams). I'm trying to escape, running through the halls, up stairs, hiding behind doors, but to no avail. They find me.

My kidnappers appear confused over why I want to leave. They seem convinced that I should be happy with my situation. Excuse me? I'm convinced they've all lost their minds. We travel to some kind of commune in Arizona. It's a huge house, beautifully built and tastefully decorated. The grounds are exquisite with a pool that's bathwater warm (I remember that quite well) and a beautiful garden. I'm given my own room. I still try to escape. They catch me every time. And they still don't understand why I want to leave.

I don't know why they want to keep me there. No one will tell me. I ask about my grandson. They say he's fine and he's with his mom at home. I wonder how my husband is taking my disappearance. I wonder if anyone's searching for me. I look for cops on the street outside, but there are none. I feel lost and alone with these people who are kind but won't let me go free.

I'm given a task to do, some kind of wire I'm supposed to cut or twist or something, and I do one, then walk away. I think these people are regretting their decision to kidnap me. I still don't know why they took me in the first place. I just want to go home. During the dream, I remember how devastated and sad I felt, but never scared. Angry. Determined to find a way out. But never scared.

I woke up the second time with one hell of a headache. And I slept much later than I usually do. It's one of the weirdest most realistic dreams I've had in a long time. I still wonder what my kidnappers wanted me for, but I guess I'll never find out. Unless I have the same dream again tonight.

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Robin Bayne said...

Hi Karen, Just followed your link over from AW. Nice blog!