Monday, March 17, 2008

Marketing Monday

I took all of last week off from blogging. My bad, I know. It's not like it takes a huge amount of effort to write a daily blog, but aside from being busy with my design business, I couldn't get in the mood. I suffered from low energy and felt kind of down-in-the-dumps, as my mother used to say.

Out of the 9 partial requests I had out there, four have been rejected and I'm still waiting to hear on the other five. Being rejected based on a query isn't that big of a deal and only mildly disappointing because it just tells me my concept doesn't work for that agent for a variety of reasons. But when sample pages are kicked to the curb, that stings.

I sent out a sizeable batch of new queries over the weekend after discovering some agents I hadn't known about. They're either new or just started representing fantasy. So this will be fun. One who is not new, but new to me, really intrigued me so I sent him an equery yesterday. I got a request for a partial this morning. So my spirits are up again.

I'm really hoping I attract the interest of an agent who believes in taking risks. KNIGHT'S CURSE is a genre-bending story that's unlike anything else on bookstore shelves. This could either work for me or against me, but all I know is that I love this book. That said, I'm ready to move on to something else if I can't find an agent for it. Though the second book in the series is mapped out and ready to go, I've accepted the possibility that I might have to set it aside for a while as I write something else.

My fingers are crossed.


cyn said...

congrats on the partial requests, karen! i am rooting for you and for me both! =D it's a cruel cruel querying world out there.

Suzanne McLeod said...

*hugs* I'm rooting for Chalice too - I think she's got what it takes, so fingers crossed the new agent agrees ;)