Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's Up Wednesday

What's up with all these new bookmarking services? There's a lot of them out there now to help you keep track of the information you find on the web. Your browser has a bookmarking feature, but these services are supposed to be better. I haven't quite figured out exactly how much better, but it's certainly a way for content enthusiasts to feed their habit. LOL!

These service sites remind me a lot of myspace or facebook because some of them are online communities, too, where you share with others, collect friends, create your own profile, etc. I have a myspace page, but I don't use it. It's too high maintenance. But Digg is pretty cool. I've enjoyed my time there. I joined, too, but I can't figure out how to log on. I guess I'm a technotard. Hmph. I'll figure it out.

Others I like are, (me thinks someone is copying someone), and These aren't communities, they're just bookmarking services.

I learned a new word today. Have you heard of linkrot? I love it! It's when you have a link to a saved URL that's no longer working. It rots and you get a "not found" error. Now I know what to call those annoying links that no longer work. They're linkrotted.

I'm also rather fond of the term screen crumb. That one's been around for years, but it mainly has to do with graphics and the programs that use them. You refresh your monitor and little pieces of what was there before show up, but they're not really there. They're crumbs of what used to be there. Maybe they're ghost crumbs. Hmm...

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