Monday, April 7, 2008

Marketing Monday

I got a couple more partial requests, which is pretty great. The agent search is progressing, slowly but surely…

I'm happy to give a well-deserved plug for This tool is awesome. Indispensable. A real asset to any serious author who wants to not only keep track of queries, but also view reports on the agents they've queried. It's a truly amazing service, and it's FREE!

One of the many things I love about QueryTracker is that the agents listed are approved by Preditors and Editors. Can't get much safer from scam artists than that.

The QueryTracker service is free, but the added features cost a minimal fee of just $25 a year. Premium features include things like customized folders for sorting your queries, rating your prospective agents, agent seasonal activity reports, creating custom reports using your own criteria, notification of agent watch alerts, and so much more. This is a service no author with the objective of agent representation can do without.

And not only can you track your queries, you also have access to informative articles about agents and writing, including interviews, the business side, and even motivation.

If you haven't tried, you need to start now. Sheesh, I sound like a commercial.

I now return you to your regular programming. Ha!

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