Monday, April 14, 2008

Marketing Monday

I have verrrry little to report this week, even less than last week, and I've started sending follow-up inquiries to agents who haven't responded in more than 8 weeks. We'll see what a nudge turns up, or if I just end up annoying people.

Tony Hines, author of Waking Lazarus, has some inspiring things to say about queries and publication. We used to be in the same critique group, and I'm so pleased he's doing so well. click on the link below to see and hear Tony's story. I think you'll be impressed.


Raven Bower said...

Please thank Tony for that interview and thank you for posting it :)

He has such a good point about rejections that really hit home. Going through rejection is tough and there's so much of it in our field. To hear voices of hope...well, they're gems.

I'd also like to second his message for all your readers. My first novel was rejected by every agent I sent it to as well. But, eleven months after my first queries were sent out a publisher picked it up and it's now in print.

So never give up!


Karen Duvall said...

Thanks, Raven. Tony is really a fantastic guy.

Hanging tough is the answer. After I posted my marketing report, I got a request in the mail for the full manuscript of KNIGHT'S CURSE from a big-name agency, so good things can happen, but usually over time.

Raven Bower said...

That's great news! Congrats :)