Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What's Up Wednesday

It's taken me all day to get to blog today, and my only excuse is that I'm busy with the day job. Aargh. I'd much rather do this all day.

What's up today is a killer review of my romantic suspense novel DESERT GUARDIAN. The book's been out for over a year, and I'm on to other projects, but these delightful reviews do pop up now and then and I'm compelled to share:

Desert Guardian is a fast-paced story that kept me glued from the first page. Wow, what a ride! I loved this book so much. The dialogue is excellent, the banter between Kelly and Sam top-notch, and the roles they play are absolutely outstanding. I love the visualization of the whole setting and all the characters that come into play, along with Star Mother and her crew, all the way down to the bony fingers.
The review is here. And if you'd like to buy it, you can go here.

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