Monday, June 23, 2008

Marketing Monday

What can I say? I'm entering new territory here. Up till recently, I've posted exclusively from the agent search point of view. I have the agent. So now what?

Follow me through the next leg of my journey: quest for publication.

My agent had a few revision suggestions for Knight's Curse, which I happily made, and had a lot of fun doing it. Revision is a process I enjoy. I deleted a scene and bulked up a few others, trimmed some conversations, and introduced a new (albeit very minor) character. I emailed the revised manuscript last Monday, so now I'm waiting to hear that everything's in order and ready to go out on submission.

I won't be able to share submission details here, but I can still report my experience. So stay tuned.

I continue to read other agents' blogs because they can be informative, and I try to stay abreast of industry news. For a terrific view on how consumer buying habits influence book trends, check out Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency's post for May. And I learned something interesting from Jonathan Lyons when he guest blogged over at The League. He offers a great definition of urban fantasy and how it's different from paranormal romance.

I'm working on a new book at the moment, and will post teasers on Tuesdays again, but tomorrow I'll post the scene I had to delete from Knight's Curse due to pacing issues. I hope you'll come back to check it out.


colbymarshall said...

How on earth to you decide which little excerpts from books to tease with? That's so tough!

Karen Duvall said...

I'd pick really short pieces, usually 3 to 4 paragraphs at the most. I'd look for something fast paced, or something that showed the characters really well. Maybe part of an action scene. And definitely a "tease." I wanted readers to eagerly look forward to more.

The teaser I posted today is lots longer than usual because it's a whole scene that didn't make it into the book.

Thanks for stopping by, Colby! 8^)