Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whimsical Wednesday

My cat is stalking me.

It's what he does. He hangs around my peripheral, slinking around corners, standing sentry by the couch while waiting for me to sit down. He wants his lap fix. And if he doesn't get it quickly, he'll start meowing at me.

I've got three fur babies of the feline type, all of whom have totally unique personalities. Cody the stalker is cuddly, but he's also a biter. Figure that one out.

Teddy is the cat version of Baby Hughy without the diaper, though he's so big he has a hard time cleaning his unmentionable parts and could probably use a diaper sometimes.

Sammy is a child in a cat suit, the baby of the bunch, who loves to express herself with squeaks, meows, yowls, purrs and hisses. She also has more energy than the other two put together.

My fur babies make quite the trio.

Pets make great characters, don't they? I didn't start out with any in KNIGHT'S CURSE, though Aydin's bonded gargoyle might be considered a pet because they've been together for so long. Chalice didn't have an animal companion, and Shui was far from being anywhere near cuddly. Therefore, I gave her one towards the end of the book, but Ruby isn't really an animal. She's an enchanted frog covered in precious stones that's known as an animate. But she's cute and Chalice likes her, in spite of Ruby's connection to magic, which Chalice hates. Ruby helps her overcome her prejudice to the mystical sciences. The two form a precarious bond that will deepen in the next book.

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