Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Writerly Wednesday

I'm making a few more revisions to Knight's Curse that my agent requested, and one of them involves adding a scene that strengthens the connection between Chalice and her mentor (and love interest), Aydin.

This happens at a part in the story where Chalice comes dangerously close to changing into a gargoyle. The experience is terrifying, and in the aftermath, she gains understanding and support from Aydin. They're alone together, and I need to make better use of their time than just planning a course of action to serve the plot. Because of how their relationship develops in later chapters, now's the perfect time to deepen the connection between them.

Some might say I should get them in the sack for a bit of slap and tickle, let physical closeness attach them in an intimate way, but an action like that would be a betrayal to who they are. Chalice is vulnerable and Aydin isn't the type to take advantage of that. Though sexual tension has been growing between them since their first meeting, they haven't known each other very long and their relationship is new. It started out as teacher and student, and slowly graduates to friendship.

Chalice has never seen her mother, who died just after she was born, so in this new scene I'm having Aydin give her a photograph of her mother that he found years ago. He saved it for her because he knew they would meet some day and it's a touching gesture that endears him to her. Rather than just throw meaningful words on the page, I need to feel this scene for myself before I can write it. I need to experience Chalice's emotions. My own mother passed away a couple of years ago and I have her photograph on my bookshelf. Holding it in my hands helps me connect to what Chalice feels, so now I'm more in tune with the scene. I can write it from my heart.

I'm off to go write it all down now and hope the scene works to accomplish what I want it to.

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