Monday, August 11, 2008

Marketing Monday

I have no news of my own to report. Knight's Curse has only been on submission for a week, and my agent assures me all the editors she submitted to are in town for the month of August.

I have a publishing contract still sitting in my email's inbox from The Wild Rose Press to include my novella, For Love or Money, in a printed anthology. It's one of the stories in their Legacy of The Celtic Brooch series and they're making them available in printed book form (currently they're only available as pdfs). I just haven't gotten around to printing it out and signing it yet. I guess I should do that soon.

As for other marketing news, my good friend Diane Hammond has a new book coming out from Harper Collins on September 2 called Hannah's Dream. She's getting a huge marketing push from her publisher and there are lots of promotional things going on for her book. Not only will the book be in chain book stores across the country, but also in every Target, Walmart, and Sam's Club. I'm so excited for her! I think this will definitely be her breakout book. Fingers crossed!

One of my unpublished friends just had something wonderful happen over the weekend of WorldCon in Denver. He'd sent a query for his science fiction manuscript to the new agent at Jabberwocky a couple months ago and the agent requested the full. He read it quickly and when he got to Denver to attend WorldCon, the agent called my friend (who lives in Denver) and invited him to have a sit down meeting about his manuscript! The two met in the agent's hotel lobby, had a great discussion, and he told my friend to expect a revision letter soon. It looks promising! My friend's book is fabulous and funny, and has some remarkable characters. I couldn't be more happy for him.

Any exciting news happen for you last week? Please share!


Ed Pahule said...

That is cool, to have the agent request a sit-down like that.

Beats the heck out of the pile of rejections I'm getting. :)

Jolie said...

You don't recognize me because I just started reading your blog after Paperback Writer posted about it during the LB&LI series.

Congratulations on your own progress toward publication!

Um ... I had a very promising job interview last week in the office of a respected law review. Nothing fancy, but a good opportunity for a new college grad in need of work. The second interview is this Thursday.

But it's not as satisfying as the work I'm getting done on my WIP.

Just_Me said...

I sent one kid off to school and I'm sitting down this morning to make a schedule so I get stories whipped into shape and some short stories sent off to look for better homes.

Not very exciting actually.

Creative A said...

I got my first sale as a journalist and the newspaper editor seemed pretty pleased with my work. She asked me if I'd like to take on some more assignments, which is exciting. And I just finished polishing some flash-fiction pieces, so now it's just a matter of marketing them.

Good luck to your friend.


Karen Duvall said...

Ed, my friend is beyond excited about how his meeting went, and he's been having regular email correspondence with Eddie since. Says a lot about this agent, that he's responsive and knows his stuff.

Jolie, thanks for stopping by! And congrats on the job interview. Let me know if you get the job!

Just_me, it's kind of nice to get the kids back in school after the summer, I know. Or I should say I remember. 8^)

Hey, A, wow! Congrats on the sale! May there be many more to come.