Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marketing Monday on a Wednesday

I got news on Monday! Well, sorta. It was an update and I really needed it. Just to know what's happening with my manuscript in the big scary publishing world is a huge relief.

My agent sent me an email to let me know she'd followed up with all the editors currently reading Knight's Curse, and though no decisions have been made, they're all enjoying the story. Phew. As I understand it, it's important for agents to check in now and then on status of submissions because it gives editors a nudge to possibly push a manuscript higher up on their long reading list. Considering how many manuscripts agents are peddling, and how few editors there are to peddle them to, an agent really needs to stay on top of things. I'm fortunate to have one who does.

There's a post on the Editorial Ass blog that specifically addresses this and a few other good points about agented submissions. Moonrat says she expects agents to nudge her because if left up to her, she'd take forever to read a manuscript. She's busy, but if she knows an agent is passionate about an author's work and cares enough to follow-up, it must be a good book and she'll make the extra effort to read faster.

Also good news on the St. Martin's Press editor who loved the unfinished steampunk urban fantasy manuscript I workshopped at the Colorado Gold conference. My agent sent her Knight's Curse last Tuesday. So another iron is in the fire. Yes! It feels very, very good.


Creative A said...

Hey, great for you! Must be nice to have some news after so long of not having news.


Karen Duvall said...

It really, really is. The crickets can be deafening at times.

Catie said...

*beams and cheers and crosses fingers*!