Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Teaser Tuesday - Mystic Taxi

The following is an excerpt from my steampunk urban fantasy work in progress, Mystic Taxi:


Henry muttered a curse and grabbed the latch on the trunk to give it a tug. It flew open, only to slam shut again.

That's when Henry heard the rapid tap of footsteps coming up behind him.

Before he could turn around, a sharp pain hit him between the shoulder blades, then another hit him in the temple. He went down like a felled tree. Flashes of light sparked behind his eyes. He blinked against the invading darkness, and from his vantage point behind Mystic's rear tire, he saw two slim-booted feet jog beside the cab.

His sack of redwood boxes. It was gone.

Mystic's back door swung open to slam into Henry's assailant, knocking him off his feet. He landed on his back with a grunt, but scrambled quickly to his knees. Henry was just as fast.

The park wavered in front of Henry's eyes and the ground seemed to wobble once he gained his feet. He touched the back of his head and his fingers came away bloody. "Hey!" he yelled at the thief.

The man staggered, clutching the sack. His hat slipped off his head and… and a long braid of blond hair tumbled free. The guy who had conked him on the noggin was a woman!

"Hey!" Henry called again, rushing forward, but his stomach lurched and his eyes crossed. Mystic started her engine and flung open the driver's side door for him to get in. Henry grabbed for it, but slid clumsily to his knees. Too dizzy. And the woman was getting away!

She ran across the street, tossing a look over her shoulder at Henry. Her dark eyes were defiant, angry. She'd succeeded in taking what she wanted. Damn it!

The long braid loosened and blond hair trailed free behind her, but a single swath of it glowed vibrant green and lit the fog like a beacon. She was no ordinary human woman. She would be easy to find.

"Hold off on that victory dance, little missy," he muttered to the shrinking form in the distance. He reached down to pluck her fallen driver's cap from the street and gave it a sniff. "You're mine."

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Barbara Martin said...

Interesting, very interesting. So much that I would like to read more.