Monday, November 17, 2008

Marketing Monday = Zero News

Just as the heading implies, I have no news to share. Has the publishing industry become a wasteland of manuscripts floating in a hopeless sea of disinterest due to a failing economy? Of course not. I don't fall for the rumors of doom and gloom that has writers moaning over their fabulous tomes never finding a home because our economy is on the skids. Bullshit. The publishing industry is not dead! Blaming the economy for a writer's own failure to make a sale is crap. A good, marketable book will sell. Period. If your book's not perceived as good or marketable, it won't sell.

Publisher's Marketplace reports 181 deals as of last night. 181! And those are only the "reported" deals. Not all publishing deals are reported to PM, and my agent is among those industry professionals who chooses not to report her agency's sales. If anyone's ever interested in knowing about McIntosh & Otis's successes, of which there are many, they can visit the agency website.

I don't have news, but a few of my friends do. Yay!

My friend and RWA chaptermate, Elisabeth Naughton, just got another book deal with Dorchester for a new series. You go, Eli!

My AW forum buddy, Lily aka Carnation, won first place in Miss Snark's First Victim Secret Agent contest that was held over the weekend. The secret agent's identity has been revealed as Colleen Lindsay of Fine Print Literary, and she's offered the first place winner a full manuscript evaluation. What an awesome prize! The second place winners will get an evalution of their first 3 chapters (or first 50 pages, whichever is less). Congratulations to all the winners!

I have no doubt there will be more wonderful news for writers everywhere. The good stuff is out there for everyone to share! I don't mind waiting for mine. All it takes is faith. And talent. And a really good agent to stand by your side.


ChristaCarol said...

Well said!

Jen said...

What a great image this is: a wasteland of manuscripts floating in a hopeless sea of disinterest

Karen Duvall said...

Such a hurry up and wait kind of thing. Sigh. But I'm staying optimistic!

nancyhigh said...

Yes, stay optimistic Karen! You'll land that editor yet. I'm still working on revisions before I send back to Richard for round two to eds, so, I've still got some waiting to go too.