Monday, November 3, 2008

Marketing Monday

Halloween was kind of disappointing. I wore my orange sparkly horns, gave out gummy body parts and chocolate eyeballs to trick-or-treaters, and I still had a bowl full of candy at the end of the night. Every year we get fewer and fewer kids. Sigh. But the ones who graced us with their spooky presence were real cuties. 8^)

Patience. I have buckets full. When you stay at the writing gig as long as I have, patience grows on you like an extra appendage. You have to have it just to function, but dang, it can be frustrating at times. I have no good marketing news to share on the blog today. Sigh.

I did talk to my agent on the phone this morning, though. We got our third rejection, this one from EOS (Avon). All the editors have said they love my writing, but the book wasn't right for them for one reason or another. It's a totally different kind of urban fantasy from anything on the shelves, which can work both for and against it, I think. Anything new is risky. But we still have three editors in this round of submissions who haven't responded yet, so I'm not discouraged. Round 2 is just around the corner and I say "Bring it on!" Yeah!

I'm NaNoing along at my own pace, which is slower than most of my fellow NaNoers. I'm a methodical writer so my process requires deep thinking, and that's not the NaNo mindset. Shooting out words like bullets from a machine gun is the name of that game, and I'm not playing it very well. That's fine. I do it for the goal. At least I'm writing every day, and I'm loving where the story is going. I'll post some here tomorrow.


Just_Me said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'm sure you'll have good news sometime soon.

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Suzanne xx