Monday, December 8, 2008

Marketing Monday

After only 4 days, see how much she's grown! I'm amazed. Little Kinsey is a smart pup and learning fast. And she eats like a piggy. She's not sleeping through the night yet, but our hopes run high. Sigh.

Marketing update: Yes, I have one. No, it's not good. But it's not unexpected either. My agent emailed me last Friday to let me know Bantam passed. Damn. But we have yet to hear from Roc and St. Martin's Press. I think Tor needs to get back to us, too, but I forgot to ask. Anyway, as I suspected, my agent wants to hold off on sending out more submissions until after the first of the year. I couldn't agree more.

It's true the publishing industry is in a slump right now, but we have to remember that books acquired today won't see the printed page for a year or more, when the market will likely have picked up by then. I'm worried for those authors with books due for release right now because there's a chance release dates could be postponed. The point is, what's happening now with our economy is only temporary. The sky is not falling! That's what Fine Print Literary agent Janet Reid says, and she's right.

There's an excellent article in the New York Times called "Typing Without a Clue." Definitely worth a read if you're as irritated as I am about bozos like Joe the Plumber getting publishing deals. An interesting point the article makes: ...publishers say they print garbage so that real literature, which seldom makes any money, can find its way into print. True, to a point. But some of them print garbage so they can buy more garbage. Ouch.


Barbara Martin said...

Your puppy is a real darling. Thanks for the update on the market.

ChristaCarol said...

I love Kinsey. Makes me wanna go get another one! And thanks for the encouragement. Though I believe you it's still hard to stay positive.

Creative A said...

Joe the Plumber got a book deal???

Okay. Now I'm upset.