Monday, February 2, 2009

Marketing Monday

I was a bad blogger last week. Bad. I was in "wait for something to happen" mode, but nothing did. Don't you hate when that happens?

Still nothing...

But I heard about an interesting sale last week for a manuscript called Angelology that's supposed to be a cross between The DaVinci Code and National Treasure. What's fascinating, aside from the fact that it sold for a six-figure advance at auction, is that it features half-angels called Nephilim. Well, my main character in Knight's Curse is Nephilim, though she's one of the good guys and the Nephilim in Angelology are supposedly monsters. Hmm... Point is, the theme is catching on. Let's hope that means something good is on the horizon for Knight's Curse. Chalice's story yearns to be read by the masses! LOL!

I entered the 50 word hook contest on Casablanca Authors blog. Results will be posted on Valentine's Day. There were some really awesome hooks entered! I can't wait to read some of those books.

No news about whether or not I made the cut for the next round in Karin Tabke's First Line contest. Hopefully I'll find out tonight, but it wasn't posted until Tuesday last week, so who knows?

The puppy killed my laptop yesterday. It wasn't totally her fault because I shouldn't have had my mug of coffee so close to it on the coffee table. Kinsey snagged the cord, which pulled the laptop into the mug, which fell off the table and hit the floor, spraying coffee everywhere. I tried steaming the stain from the carpet to no avail. First I thought the computer was okay, then the a key started sticking, then the s key, then the d key. Now when it's booted it has nothing but a black screen with lines of white code. So I'm dropping it off at the computer place in a little bit to see if they can fix it, but they can't even get to it for 10 days. Aargh! Good thing I had a back-up of my WIP. I have my gigantic desktop Mac Pro to use in the mean time, but it's so cumbersome for writing. I prefer the intimacy of my little laptop.

February is a short month, and I have mixed feelings about that. It's good that it's short because it brings us that much closer to spring. Yeah! But it's also bad that it's only 28 days because it makes the bills come due quicker. I hate living hand to mouth all the time. It would be nice to sock funds away now and then, but in this economy? Ha! Ain't gonna happen, at least not for us.


Merc said...

Ouch. I hear you on laptop/computer destruction... I have learned well not to leave drinks my the equipment with my ferrets on the loose. :S Hope you get the laptoppy fixed and back soon.

I do like to see nephilim stories catching on--have you heard of Jack Cavanaugh's "Kingdom Wars" books? Technically the MC is half-nephilim ;) and it's more Christian fiction, but I did like how the concept was played with in the books.

Wishing you luck for hearing positive news soon this week!


Creative A said...

Wow, look at you entering all those contests!

I can sympathize with you on both counts of bad blogger and laptop death...I hate those "wait for something to happen" places. Seems I've hit a lot of them lately, with the wrong parts of my life being super busy, while the other parts just hang around doing nothing. Sigh.

Good luck with your laptop :)


Barbara Martin said...

Thanks for the tip-off on the angelic type books. I have felt there were other avenues for us fantasy writers.

Too bad about your laptop.

Theresa said...

I've got a new puppy myself-- eleven weeks old as of today.

Man, I'd forgotten how much time a puppy can eat up!

Sorry to hear about the laptop, here's hoping they can fix it for you quickly so you can get back to work!