Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marketing Monday on Tuesday

The view outside our beach house window.

I arrived home from my weekend Writer's Retreat on Sunday and have been too pooped to post since. I'm happy to report I was extremely productive over those 3 days, despite the hours and hours of driving. Ugh. Then yesterday I think I was going through retreat withdrawals because I felt yucky and had no energy. The real world slapped me in the face and I rebelled. Ha!

But today I'm a bit more chipper and am finally getting things done. Dealing with devil puppy madness. Finishing up design projects. Trying to collect on clients' past due invoices. The usual.

My agent emailed me on Friday to let me know one of the five publishers considering Knight's Curse passed. Sigh. But it's okay because the editor, based on his email, had a totally different vision for the book that I didn't share. It wasn't a good match. At least I'm still holding out for the editor who loved it and is passing it up the food chain. May this be THE ONE!

Over the weekend I brainstormed an idea for a new book with my writer pals. It's based on a dream I had a couple of weeks ago. I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into the next series book, but I don't know. Everyone felt it was too big and should be a stand alone. It doesn't fit into either of the two worlds I created for my other series. It's more of a psychic suspense and could possibly be written as YA. I have too many ideas to keep up with.


K. M. Walton said...

The view from your window was stunning. Glad you rejuivinated at the retreat & that a new idea is brewing. Sorry to hear about the one editor passing - like Pink Ink blogged...Keep Moving Forward!

Barbara Martin said...

Positive thinking will get your manuscript picked up. You want the best publisher for that story.

Creative A said...

Amazing picture. That must be an awesome retreat!

I can sympathize with you about having too many ideas, or, having too many ideas that don't line up well. It's tricky because there's the business side of it - what would work best timing wise and business wise. Then there's the inspiration, the need to jump on an idea before it rots - or let it ferment until it sweetens.

I have ideas I want to write that aren't ready. I have ideas I need to write, but the timing is wrong. Sigh. Well anyway, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Those things usually end up solving themselves at some point.

Fingers crossed for Night's Curse!