Monday, April 27, 2009

Marketing Monday

Crickets everywhere, yet none are chirping for me. :(

I thought I was coming down with my husband's cold, but maybe not. I felt awful yesterday, but already feeling better today. Whenever I feel like I'm getting sick, I take either Primal Defense or Host Defense, which is a lot like that Airborn stuff I've heard of only stronger and more natural. It's also more expensive, but definitely worth it when you think about how much being sick can cost you.

I created a new blog for my graphic design business, Duvall Design, though I structured it to look more like a website. Wordpress is excellent for that. Their templates are remarkable. I put up several samples of my work, if you'd like to see. I'm hoping to get some book design projects, the covers as well as inside pages, from small presses. I have a lot of experience (30 years, to be exact), so if you know of anyone looking for a designer, please pass along my website address. I need the work.

I'm teaching myself Flash, but it's really hard to find any good tutorials online that are consistent. The lessons jump all over the place and you can tell the instructors are clueless how to teach. Flash is a very complex program.

I've started plotting the sequel to Mystic Taxi, titled Clockwork Cat, and I'm not quite sure which way to go with one of the new characters I'm creating. Wanda's teenage cousin, Iris Rose, is sent to live with her, and the girl has issues. She's Hellspawn and just learning to deal with her differences since her demon features didn't start to show until she reached puberty. Is she shy and withdrawn? Or outwardly belligerent? Not sure yet. So I'll spend a lot of time story-dreaming to figure her out.

Now off to pay bills for my mentally disabled sister.

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B.J. Anderson said...

Good luck with the design business! And good luck plotting the new book. I always love that stage of the writing process. :)