Monday, June 27, 2011

PW Top 10

This blog is not supposed to be all about me and my books because it's also about writing and getting published. However, please indulge me and my occasional news flash. I want to share with future readers and also encourage other writers, and sometimes good news can be motivating.

Can you believe it? I'm still dizzy with the news my agent called to tell me this morning. First she emailed me a page out of PW that mentions the book title and ISBN and tells me Knight's Curse is the only LUNA book PW mentions for the Fall. I thought that was cool, not that I really understood what it meant. Even though I've been published before, I've never had any of the experiences I've been having with this book. I'm regularly dazed and amazed and thoroughly thrilled on a variety of levels.

Then I get a phone call from my agent. This time she says she has even more good news. She hadn't yet finished leafing through her issue of PW when she emailed me about the mention. Now she's found the page that lists PW's Top 10 Picks for Fall in the romance category. And Knight's Curse made it to the list. Top 10! From PW! Out of all the romance novels coming out this fall! OMG!

Wow. Just... wow.

Reviews will start trickling in soon, but what a great start. It's very encouraging. I hope this will peak Harlequin's interest in seeing a third book for the series. Keep your fingers crossed for me. :) And thanks for letting me share.


Liz Hill said...

YOWZA!!! How cool is that. I am so excited for you.

Karen Duvall said...

Thank, Liz! :)