Saturday, February 4, 2012

City of Lost Angels

Here's a sample of my virtual world photography with Photoshop. Shoots like this help me come up with new story ideas, which I have to do this weekend. I'm very visual with my writing, so inventing a setting like this inspires my creativity. The image tells a story all on its own.

Do you see a story in this picture?


Giles Hash said...

That's an awesome picture! I see a great story there, but I don't want to bog down your comment section by filling it up with my impressions :D

Heaven O'Shey said...
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Heaven O'Shey said...

Love the art work! Yes, could be a myriad of stories here.
Darn forgot to say RJ sent me. lol

Pam P said...

Hi Karen, glad to find out about your series from Romance Junkies as I love finding more UF to read. Cool way to get inspired to write using imagery, I can see how that can work well for a writer.

soche said...

Great art work! I heard about your book from Romance Junkies.

Carol L. said...

Came over from Romance Junkies and glad I did. :) Congrats on your book release.I love visuals. When I'm reading I create this whole scenario to fit the words. lol But I can see quite a few ideas in this picture. Great artwork too.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com