Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IF Knight's Curse were to become a movie...

You know how sometimes you daydream about how you'd cast a book for a major motion picture? Sometimes, while writing a book, I'll imagine specific actors or actresses playing the roles of the characters. I do that while reading others' books as well. So for shnits and giggles I thought I'd have some fun and look up photos of actors to play my characters in KNIGHT'S CURSE.

Please keep in mind this is totally hypothetical, no movie offers for the book are being considered at this time. I'm just having fun. :)

I adore the show Vampire Diaries and have seen Nina Dobrev perform enough times to get a good idea of how she might work in the the role of Chalice. I think she fits the part very well indeed.

Ian Somerhalder would make the perfect Aydin Berkant, don't you think so? He just happens to play one of the lead roles in Vampire Diaries, and just happens to be Nina's very significant other in real life. Coincidence? I think not. They're both destined to play the main characters in KNIGHT'S CURSE. Bwahahaha.

What better actor to play the villain Gavin Heinrich than the amazing Alan Rickman. I swear I hear Professor Snape's voice whenever I read Gavin's dialogue in my book. Chills.

Zee (Zeppelin), the villainess in KNIGHT'S CURSE, can be no one other than Kathy Bates. Such an awesome talent. Her skill would really breathe life into dastardly Zee, huh?

Daniel Radcliffe is all grown up now and I love the look! Yet his calm disposition is ideal for playing angel whisperer Quin Dee.

I can't forget my loveable, grumpy old elf, Elmo. Give Peter Dinklage white hair and he totally fits the part.

I have to admit I had a crush on Barachiel as I was writing him, so matching him up with my actor crush on David Boreanaz seemed ideal. Such a hotty!

Alexandra Napoleone would make a lovely Saint Geraldine, even though the character is a mummified head in the story. But she has an important speaking part, and you get to see more of her in DARKEST KNIGHT (pun intended).

Shui and Shojin, respectively. These two just need really, a really good make-up artist. Shojin looks a lot like a gryphon except that he has bat wings.

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So that's my cast for KNIGHT'S CURSE the (wannabe) movie. What do you think?


Robert Spiller said...

What a cool activity. I have to admit I do this all the time with the characters from my mysteries. I picture Bette Middler or Annette Benning playing Bonnie Pinkwater, my 50 somethin year old teacher/sleuth. Thanks for a fun read

Diana Mcc. said...

I like your choices! What a fun idea to do with a work in progress too!

Sarah Raplee said...

Love your picks, and this is timely, as Knight's Curse is the next book on my Kindle shelf!

Mary Gillgannon said...

I wish I was as hooked into popular culture as you are. I'm not much into movies or TV so I would be hard-pressed to come up with actors to play a lot of my characters. The hero of my first (and third) book was based on Jim Morrison and I've yet to find an actor/model/whatever who can rival him for smoldering sexuality.

Karen Duvall said...

Thanks, Robert. :)

Thanks, Diana. I sometimes try this with a work in progress, but the picture I usually have in my mind doesn't resemble a whole person. It's more like hair like him, eyes like this other person, nose and chin like someone else, etc. But once the manuscript is finished, and thinking more along the lines of people who exist and could play the roles, it's easier for me to choose.

Yay, Sarah! I hope you enjoy it. :)

Mary, Jim Morrison sure was a hottie. Now I'll know who to picture while I'm reading those books! :) said...

What fun, Karen! Yes, you need talented actors to match your creativity!

Karen Emanuelson said...

So, I did the "control a" thing to highlight the text so I could read it this time. Works like a charm, but then I couldn't see the photos, so I went over everything again a second time. I think a lot of folks visualize their characters as played by certain actors & think that's a fun exercise. I love your choices. I'm a fan of Alan Rickman--what an incredible voice & with the British accent! Quite honestly--I always liked Snape & was happy to see him vindicated in book 7.

Karen Duvall said...

Thanks, Karen! Another thing you can try (though it also excludes photos) is when you click on comments, have it "Show Original Post" and the entire post will show up in comments black on white. That will very easy on the eyes. :)