Sunday, March 18, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: A Changed World

I'm still hard at work on my dystopian-themed novella. In this world--our world--a lot has changed after the solar storm. Here's an example of how much:
After I gave my best friend Harry a brief rundown about Ian, he asked, "So what kind of kinetic is he?"
Harry, a guy with longish hair and a goatee, had come to the bar where I worked after I sent a runner to ask for a meeting. Calling would have been more convenient, but the only people with telephones anymore were government, law enforcement, fire stations and hospitals. The rest of us had to use couriers. The days of cell phones and email were over, at least until communication satellites were back in place, which wouldn't happen any time soon.
        "I don't know yet," I told him.

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T.E.Schoenborn said...

What would we do without cell phones? It's amazing how much we rely on them today.