Monday, May 28, 2012

A Professionally Designed Book Cover Makes a Difference

I do so enjoy creating book covers for authors, and it's especially rewarding when feedback comes in that proves how an effective cover can have a positive impact on the book itself. My talented author client, Kathleen Irene Paterka, gave me permission to share this email with blog readers.
Just wanted to share something with you that I think will probably put a smile on your face. FATTY PATTY was released on May 15th, and I've had nothing but positive remarks about the books, and especially the cover. Yesterday, I met with my accountant re: paying sales tax if I sell copies to people, and he suggested I stop by our local bookstore and ask them if they were interested in selling the book. I had meant to do so, but not so soon. Anyway, on the spur of the moment, I did go into the store with the one copy I still had (thank God 20 more copies showed up today via UPS!) and chatted with the owner of the book store. This book store is very well respected, and one of the 25 independent book stores that report directly to the NY Times for stats on their best seller list. The owner told me straight up front that they love supporting local authors. I told her I had a complimentary copy for her and gave her my business card. She took one look at the cover of FATTY PATTY and blinked. Then she looked at the title and blinked again. Then she quickly flipped through the pages, looked at the back cover, flipped the book back to the front cover, and said, "I can't believe this book was done by Create Space. This is such a professional package. And you tell whoever did your cover design that this cover absolutely rocks!" (I thought of you immediately when she said that, and knew I had to email you!) Anyway, long story short, she said they absolutely could and would sell the book, and they're slapping a price tag of $15.95 on it. I gulped, told her it was for sale on for $11.99, to which she replied that they couldn't compete with Amazon and they don't even try. Then she stabbed her finger on the book and said, "Believe me, with this title and ESPECIALLY with this cover, it will sell at $15.95."
Karen, all I can say is... you hit a home run straight out of the ball park with FATTY PATTY. Thank you so much!
 Thank you, Kathleen! :)


Dr. Debra Holland said...

Great story! I hope she sends you a follow to tell you how she did. I'd be interested in knowing.

Christy at Gilded Heart Design said...

As someone who is just starting to create cover designs for authors, this is an inspiration. This is what every designer would want to hear. Heck, it's what every author wants to hear too! Congratulations on the eye-catching, spot on design, and congratulations to the author for picking a great designer and finding success with her self-published book! Hooray all around! :)

Kathleen Irene Paterka said...

Karen, that book cover rocks and so do you! You're such a delight to work with, and I'm so happy to be one of your clients! I can't wait to see your creative designs for the next 3 books in The James Bay Series.

Thank you again! I'll keep you posted on how FATTY PATTY sells!


Karen Duvall said...

Thank you, Debra and Christy, and a big thank you to Kathleen for giving me such a fun project to work on. :)

Mario Acevedo said...

That is a great cover.

Shannon Baker said...

The bookseller was right. The cover is great!