Sunday, May 6, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday -- The End :)

The satisfaction of getting to THE END.
I just emailed the finished manuscript for SUN STORM to my agent for her feedback, so my fingers are crossed that she likes it. I really enjoyed writing this novella. Dystopian fiction has a unique appeal because it's like that car wreck you don't want to look at, but you're drawn to it anyway. Not everyone can get into the depressing state of a world and its suffering masses, but with genre fiction, you get a balance of light and dark. At least you do with a Harlequin book. :) Dystopian fiction puts characters in a precarious situation of survival, and they're confronted by the greatest of odds and challenged to come out the victor. It's story telling at its finest.

SUN STORM will appear in an anthology called TIL THE WORLD ENDS, published by Harlequin. The other two contributing authors in this awesome collection of novellas is Julie Kagawa and Ann Agguire. It's scheduled for release in February 2013. Stay tuned for future updates. The cover reveal will be happening soon. :)

Now for my Six Sentence Sunday contribution:
Volcanic ash spewed into the atmosphere, blocking the sun. The Earth shook and chunks of mountains crumbled like rocks made of sand, while giant tidal waves enveloped every shoreline. Massive fires sprang from any location not covered by water and powerful winds fed the flames to make them ferocious devourers of anything left standing. Nothing could survive such a catastrophe. There wouldn't be a single living thing left when it was over. Tears filling my eyes, I told Ian what I saw.


Mario said...

I also typed THE END on my manuscript though I've gone back to revise the last chapter, and some in the middle. There is never THE END.

Karen Duvall said...

Haha! Excellent point, Mario. There should be a new name for it, like "The End... for now." :) Congrats on reaching the end of your manuscript, too! Now it's time to start the next one. Yay!

T.E.Schoenborn said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to feel that sense of accomplishment for myself. I'm getting closer.(Well, at least to the finishing part.) I'll look forward to buying the anthology when it comes out.

Karen Duvall said...

Thanks, Trudy! You WILL reach the end and it will be awesome!