Sunday, November 4, 2012

Free Day: Do Whatever the Hell You Want

Today is Sunday. It's the end of the weekend and the beginning of the week, so I think Sunday should be more than going to church or parking it on the couch to watch the big game. It deserves recognition as a free day for doing whatever the hell you want.

Saturdays are usually crammed full of chores, shopping, family time, and catching up on what you couldn't finish on Friday. Saturday can be exhausting. You feel relieved the weekend is finally here, but also stressed about Saturday being too short and you need to make the most of it. The clock is ticking!

Then Sunday comes along. It's still the weekend, but now the weekend is almost over. You might feel even more stress because you probably have stuff left over from Saturday that still needs to get done. And now you're contemplating what the dreaded Monday will bring. Maybe you're making a mental to-do list of Monday's demands and it's making an unpleasant dent in your eagerly-awaited weekend.

There's a reason Sunday is often referred to as a day of rest. Not everyone will take a rest. Or those who do may rest in their own way. I use my Sundays for going off on tangents.


I think it's my inner A.D.D. looking for a way out. I'm easily distracted and seeing a squirrel out my window may have me exclaim "squirrel!" but I'll take it a few steps further. It becomes question time. Where did the squirrel come from? Does it have nuts? Where did it get them? Where will it hide them? What if it loses them? Does the squirrel have a family? Etc, etc, etc.

The more I write about this proclivity of mine, the sillier it sounds, but Sunday is my day to experiment, explore, and learn new things. I may or may not write on Sundays, but I'll most definitely research something. Or learn a new skill. Or create something in a way I've never tried before. I give myself permission to let loose on Sundays. It's when I devote the few hours of the weekend I have left to improving myself in a fun new way, whatever way that may be.

Am I thinking about Monday as I scamper off on my tangential adventures? The first day of the work-week crouches at the back of my mind, rapping its impatient knuckles against my brain for attention. It tosses in a few nuggets of guilt to remind me of that thing that has to get done first thing Monday morning. I ignore it the best I can while I give in to my guilty pleasure of doing whatever the hell I want.

How about you? How do you spend your Sundays?

Okay, I'm off to go play in Photoshop for a while. I have an idea that's demanding my immediate attention… Oh, wait. Squirrel!


Mary Gillgannon said...

I wish I could have a whole day to do whatever I want. I'd probably read! But seriously, I do try to relax more on Sunday and vege out a bit.

Love your new blog banner!

Karen Duvall said...

Thanks, Mary! Something else I tend to do on Sundays that I know I shouldn't is stay up too late just so that I can make the day last longer. I pay for it the next day. *She says droopy-eyed and yawning.*