Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's Up Wednesday


What's up? How about my cats. I have three of them. Each is very different from the other, and they all get along… most of the time. Costco had some cute little cat beds that are soft and cushiony, and made of washable velour. So I bought one to see how the fur babies would like it. The following is their reaction to the new bed.

Catty1: Hey, look! Mom bought us a new bed. (sniffs the cushion)

Catty 2: (begins to knead the cushion and climbs inside) This is nice.

Babycat: Ooh! What's that? Can I see?

Catty1: Scram, pipsqueak.

Catty2: Yeah, we know what you do to new stuff. Paws off!

Babycat: Soft. (begins kneading cushion in cat bed)

Catty1: (looking nervous) Step away from the bed. Now!

Catty2: Oh, no. Stop her before it's too late! (hops out of bed)

Babycat: (climbs into bed)

Catty1: (looking disgusted) Is nothing sacred?

Babycat: Mine! (squats and pees in bed)

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