Friday, May 2, 2008

Freestyle Friday (& Quiz Answers)

I know you're all waiting with baited breath to find out the answers to Wednesday's quiz. I had a lot of visitors that day, but only one attempt to play the game! So Maggie wins by default. Maggie, please email me your snail mail address and let me know which book you'd like me to send you. My email address is jkduvall at bendbroadband dot com.

Are you ready? Here are the answers:

1. Hen tea–chicken broth

2. Fried zander steak–fried fish

3. Fritted Inkpot–fried squid

4. Grilled slices of pork maiden slopped with Gipsy sauce–pork medallions with a tomato sauce associated with Gypsies

5. Wild boar on hip wine sauce–really wild boar, with rose hip wine sauce

6. Baked smoked knee for two persons–ham hocks

7. Pickled Rams Horns–a vegetable similar to okra

8. Home tray of chef for two persons–chef's choice of grilled mixed meats

9. American potatoes–somewhat like "jo-jo" potatoes, but not as greasy, a fat "french fry"

10. Fried champions–fried mushrooms

11. Fried ermine in beer batter–deep fried "Hermelin" cheese, a form of camembert

12. Cup of ice with cream (this isn't as obvious as it looks)–ice cream in a cup with whipped cream on top.


Emily said...

Wow, I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to take your quiz! I'm making wild boar and fig skewers this weekend for our wine club - it will be my first time making it. If you are into morel mushrooms, we're hosting a recipe contest (for any kind of mushroom) and the winner will be mailed 2 lbs. of fresh morel mushrooms. The contest link is (under the photo of the Kobe burger).

cindy said...

i am bummed i forgot to come back and play. ARGH!!!!!