Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I've had short story ideas rambling through my brain lately. That used to be the only kind of fiction I wrote because the idea of writing a novel intimidated me. What would I have to say? Now look at me. Apparently, I have more words inside me than I thought. Now they're starting to leak out and I want to catch them with shorter venues.

Supernatural and paranormal ideas are what I gravitate toward, but I sometimes play with more realistic themes. I'm thinking of writing a story based on my sister, who's on the far side of crazy. She's had a drug problem her entire adult life and I'm the administrator of the special needs trust my mother left for her. It's not easy dealing with my crazy sister. It's sad and frustrating and makes me really angry sometimes. I've just got to write about it… someday.

Everyday life spawns all sorts of story ideas. Like the motorcycle cop who gave me a traffic ticket. Me, the driver everyone tailgates, speeds on the rare occasion the local cops are making their quotas. Grrr… I have a special story in mind for this guy. He cost me $119 so I figure I should make just as much with a horror tale using him as the main character. Ha! Like I could make a penny. One can dream, though.

Then there's this physician guy who one of my clients and I refer to as "Creepy Doctor." Yes, he does exist. And yes, he's creepy. What a great story I could concoct with him as the foil. The story wheels just keep turning…

Maybe I'll write a short this weekend. I entered Absolute Write's horror flash fiction challenge in May, and that was fun. But it was only a hundred words. Want to see what I wrote? Okay, you twisted my arm:

Cobwebs clung in a thick shroud wound so tight around me I could barely breathe. I snuggled inside my cocoon, the thick blanket of softness keeping my human body warm and dry. A fa├žade of safety.

I wasn't afraid any more. Anyone who threatened a mother's children deserved her fury and her revenge, though I'd only killed one of them. She had at least a hundred more.

I swallowed the dry air that chafed my throat and listened so hard my ears stung. Then I heard her. Each tap of her eight giant claws coming closer. It was time.


Merc said...

Hah! I like your drabble/short. ;) Very nice.

You should write more shorts. I'm currently in a pure "short story" writing mood the last two months (to the ultimate frustration of my novel projects) so I'm not bugging everyone to write shorts too. :P

I love it when ideas from RL appear. Although... I dunno, if mine show up from RL, they're definitely coming out of the Twilight Zone.


Karen Duvall said...

LOL, thanks, Merc! 8^) Yeah, Twilight Zone is the bomb for short story ideas. I love 'em. Good luck with your shorts!

Merc said...

Thanks! I've finished the zombie one O:) and am debating between steampunk, satire and anthro fiction at the moment...

Or food. You know, 'cause I'm hungry...


P.S. I really enjoy your blog so far! :) Going to link you over at the Toasted Scimitar and my blog.

Karen Duvall said...

Thanks for the link, Merc. I'll reciprocate. I need to do some blog house-cleaning this weekend and I'll be adding your links to the sidebar (that's admittedly pretty empty because I'm lazy...heh.)

Oh, and about steampunk... AWESOME! I love it. My new WIP is a steampunk UF. I'm having so much fun!

Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!

Merc said...

Ooh, linking back would be wonderful, thanks!

Steampunk UF? That sounds like pure awesome. Mind if I ask what it's about?

You have a good weekend too. :) I'm off to find food but will check back on your blog often. B-)


Suzanne McLeod said...

Love the flash - well maybe not in all senses! Definitely shivers-down-the-spine time with that one Karen ;)