Friday, May 23, 2008

Freestyle Friday

So what are your plans for the Memorial Day weekend? Are you taking off with the family camper for a 3-day adventure in the wilderness? Or are you hanging out at home to catch up on that yardwork and spring cleaning project you've been putting off since March?

I fall in the latter, though I'm afraid there won't be much cleaning involved. The yardwork part is iffy, considering my husband is the gardner and plants don't like me very much. Plus, it's raining. The high desert has been craving rain, so I'm fine with that. It just makes me sleepy.

This weekend will be spent mostly on my latest WIP, and perhaps some short story action as I mentioned in yesterday's blog. I'll let my mood be my guide. I'm supposed to be getting together with a couple of my writing pals on Sunday for a brainstorming session, but it may not happen. Sigh. One of them has a boat and it is Memorial Day weekend. People with boats tend to use them on MD.

As for my WIP, my half-demon taxi driver in a 21st century industrial age New York City is still in the process of development. I have him mostly figured out, though there are a few motivation issues I need to work through. And then there's his schizophrenic sidekick that needs more research. They meet for the first time in the first book, and are at odds with each other most of the time, but they'll become good friends because they need each other. But that's all I'll give away for now. This is a complicated yet fun story. And the world building is the best part. Just thinking about it gives me butterflies.

Well, it's Friday, and the day job calls. The job that actually pays me money. I have 3 meetings today, and I think I'll forego the usual Friday exercise class. I've gone to one every day this week and my knees hurt. I need a break.

Have a great weekend!


colbymarshall said...

I think (emphasis on word "think") I'm going to try to write some on my WIP this weekend. Hopefully a lot, in fact!

Karen Duvall said...

That's great, Colby! Yesterday was spent continuing to world-build and solidify my backstory for an alternate history. I'm learning more about coal that I ever thought possible, but it's fascinating.

Good luck with your new WIP!