Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I love this show, "So You Think You Can Dance." I've always loved dance, not that I could do it. I mean, I shook my booty with the best of 'em back in the day, but nothing like these talented, passionate young people. I didn't know the human body even had the ability to do those things!

My point for today's blog is competition, why we compete, and why those competition goals are so important to us. Take these kids on the show. 200 dancers competed for 20 spots. They put their heart on the line. They gave up jobs to be there. They spent their parents' money to be there. They trained through blood, sweat and tears from the time they were iddy biddy (in most cases) just to get a shot to fulfill their dream. Sound familiar?

It's hard to watch sometimes, but as a writer I can't help relating to their disappointment when these talented dancers give it everything they've got and most are told to go home. It's heart- breaking. But you know what? They're also told to come back next year. Top judge Nigel offers encouragement and support. He was a dancer, too, in his younger days, and he understands what these kids are going through.

I have a real penchant for reality competition tv shows, the ones that showcase talent and strive to fulfill at least one participant's dream. My favorites are So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model (yeah, Alice, ANTM fans unite!), and Project Runway. Real people who have real talent, and real aspirations. I cheer with them when they win, I cry when they lose. We're living our dreams together.

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