Monday, November 10, 2008

Marketing Monday

No, not the rock band. This is the amount of news I have since last Monday.

I got a smidge written on Mystic Taxi over the weekend, but not nearly as much as I'd hoped. I couldn't write at the surgery center while waiting for my mother-in-law as she went under the knife. And when I got her home, there were things that needed to be done for her and I couldn't leave her alone. We thought she'd be groggy afterward, but she was just the opposite. In fact, the poor dear didn't sleep a wink that night. We watched movies, I cooked, got her tea, her medicines, her ice packs... On Saturday I wrote a little bit while she tried to read. Anyway, the NaNo weekend was a bust. By the time I got home yesterday, I'd written maybe 1000 words, if even. I still need to update my WIP counter, though.

Mother-in-law is doing really well. She had minimal pain and seems to be healing nicely. She gets around with that big old boot like Frankenstein, but she manages okay and uses a cane to help her walk. The doc will change her bandage tomorrow.

I have no excuses to keep me from adding to my word count this week. I'm working on a design project today that should be finished by this afternoon, then I'm free to do whatever I please. Aside from an appointment to get my Hyundai Santa Fe's oil changed tomorrow, my writing schedule is wide open.

I'll probably end up obsessing over how Knight's Curse is doing in the big wide publishing world. I won't call my agent. I won't (repeat like a mantra). I won't. But I'll be hoping she calls me. Think good thoughts for me, okay?


ChristaCarol said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you! And go on your Nano, I'm so proud of you! I never really solidified an idea until a few days ago, so instead of typing obsessively to catch up, I'm just going to work on plotting and character development this month. :)
Glad your MIL is doing ok.

Karen Duvall said...

Thank you, Christa! What you said is very special.