Monday, January 5, 2009

Marketing Monday

Today is the first day of the new week of the new month of the new year. Woo! So it should be a good one, right? Most of the publishing industry is back at their desks today and the wheels begin turning again. My agent is still on holiday break and won't be back in the office until Wednesday. So I don't plan on hearing news for a while.

There's snow on the ground and the sky is pale blue with plenty of sunshine. But it's freezing cold, so I won't be getting out in it. I have lots of work to do today anyway.

I'm eager to find out if I made the cut for the next round of Karin Tabke's First Line contest. I probably won't know until late this afternoon. It's down from 100 to 60 entries, and I'm still in, but five will be cut from the 60 that are left. Will I make it through? I'll let you know tomorrow when I post my weekly teaser for Mystic Taxi.

I took advantage of the after holiday sales and ordered my grandsons their birthday presents. Two were born in February, one at the end of January. Their gifts should arrive by tomorrow so that I can ship them off before next month.

Well, the puppy's up from her very brief nap, so I better play with her before she tears up the house. Have a great Monday!

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ChristaCarol said...

I'm glad to be back to normal again, though I enjoyed the holidays. The after holiday sales are great, aren't they? We shopped on New Years. Wee!