Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Teaser Tuesday - Mystic Taxi

Gerald opened the door and sparks flickered around the door frame. Trudy must have had someone set wards there, which was smart since she appeared to live alone. The wards deactivated when Gerald used her key.

The two of them rushed into the apartment, bodies crouched low and arms held over their heads, but no missiles hurled in their direction. The noises were all coming from the kitchen.

Mia, Trudy's demon, had possessed a large carpet sweeper at some point and rammed it into the dining room table and chairs. The chairs lay on their sides and the table sat askew. A vegetable sprayer attached to a hose in the sink was now waving in the air like a snake, slamming into cupboards and sweeping through stacks of dishes on a double row of shelves on the wall. Broken glass and china lay all over the hardwood floor and granite counter tops.

Nothing made a mess quite like a wrathy demon on the warpath.

"Stay here," Henry told Gerald.

"But what if you--?"

"It can't hurt me. And if it does, I'll heal." Though despite his body's ability to swiftly mend itself, he wasn't impervious to pain.


Creative A said...

Nice, although short. Looking forward to your next teaser :)

Barbara Martin said...

Nice drop off point, Karen.