Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday Thoughts on a Friday

I really, really need to set up a pet gate to divide the house into 2 parts. The barricade we have up isn't working anymore. Kinsey has gotten too big, and too smart. She barrels over all the obstacles we've set up like an Olympic athlete running the hurdles. And now we're having trouble stepping over the clutter without falling ourselves.

Rather than describe it to you, here's what I'm talking about:

Such a lovely addition to our decor, huh? Blech. Today that's going to change. Kinsey and I are going down to Petsmart to buy a new pet gate that's on sale and has a small cat door for the cats to venture through as the mood strikes. Problem is that my big bruiser kitty, Teddy, may not fit. I mean, this animal is enormous. He's 30 pounds at least, and quite a wide load. But we're going to try it and maybe make a few adjustments with Ted in mind.

I'm having a blue day. Heard from my agent and we got a couple more rejections. She has a few more publishers to try, and she's going back to 2 she's already submitted to, only targeting different editors. Fingers crossed!

Don't feel much like writing today. I hit a wall in a scene anyway and need to think about what to do next. I might post a question about it on the Absolute Write Water Cooler forum. I always get great suggestions over there, except the site appears to be down temporarily.

I did some invoicing of design clients yesterday, so I hope to see a few checks arrive in the mail next week. Sure do need them. Things are very lean right now.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


Merc said...

LOL! Love your barricade--so reminds me of the ones we set up all over when letting the bunny from hell (i.e. the sister's pet rabbit) run around. I have to resort to closed doors and probably forcefields to contain my ferrets, though. Little buggers can scale or infiltrate anything not sheer and glass-smooth. :P

The cats deal. O:)

Fingers crossed for you about the next editors. *crosses toes too*

If you're having a blue day, maybe take a break and write something just for fun or do something else completely?

Anyway, have a good weekend and thanks for the entertaining picture. ;)


Diamond Lil said...

Hang in there, Karen! The blues will pass.

And I can't get to AW either, the site's been down a long time.

JM Donahue said...

Hey Karen, this is alias octavia from the AW purgatory forum. I hav also been bummed about AW being down. I googled it this morning and AW in is trouble.. the ISP pulled it because of a certain top 20 Worst Agent who pitched a fit. There are some AW refugee camps being set up online.

Karen Duvall said...

Thanks, Merc and Diamond for your encouraging words. It's very much appreciated! I'm still feeling down, but hopeful that next week will bring better news.

And JM, there is good news! AW is back up! Woo hoo!

Karen Duvall said...

Oh, I'll be posting a follow up photo to the monstrosity on this post. Ugh. The new gate is up and it's awesome! Fat kitty makes it through the little pet gate with no problem. Life is good again!

JM Donahue said...

YAY! I'm so glad AW is back. I didn't realize the big outtage news was all from 2006 with the evil agent. Ah, well.

Karen Duvall said...

I know what you mean. I did a google search too, but paid attention to the dates. I changed up my search to 2009 and got the real skinny. I hung out in the AW chat room most of the day yesterday and it helped ease the withdrawal pains. ha!

Anonymous said...

Kare, lol, the barricade, too funny. My girls stay behind the gate and my fat cat can, yes she can, jump it and she's topping well.

Hang in there and crossing for you for a pub!

Barbara Martin said...

Growing puppies are always fun to deal with. I've used many barricades over the years.

Creative A said...

Aw :( Sorry about the rejections. I've never read Night's Curse all the way through, but after reading the excerpts you posted, I do have a lot of faith in your writing. Keep it up. You just need to find that one person your work clicks with. :)

Loved the barricade! It's reminding me of when I had chickens and not enough money for chicken wire, so I would fix holes in the pen with twine, duct tape, or plastic panels....good times.