Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's Up Wednesday - Tagged!

I was tagged by Chan to list six things that make my happy. Yikes. It shouldn't be that hard, but happiness is so subjective, you know? Like there's satisfied happy, you know the kind of happiness that's simple as having a hot cup of cocoa in front of the fireplace on a snowy day. Then there's deliriously happy, the kind that has you dancing in the street because you just won the lottery.

I'll have to stick with the simple things because the deliriously happy category never happens for me.

1. My three cats. Just seeing them puts a smile on my face. They're all so sweet and loving. I'd include my puppy, but she induces more stress than happiness at this stage in her young life. I'm always on edge when she's awake and on a tear.

2. My pajamas. Seriously. I could stay in them all day. Aside from them being comfortable, they give me a sense of comfort from the inside. They make me think of cuddling up with a mug of something warm while reading or watching a good movie. They symbolize all the the good stuff in life.

3. Reading good books. Writers read, and so do I, but not enough. I consider it a guilty pleasure. I reward myself with reading, so if I don't feel I deserve a reward, the reading goes on the back burner. Plus, I need to fill my free time writing, not reading. But when I do read, it definitely makes me happy.

4. When my agent contacts me. It can be email or by phone, but I always get excited to hear from her, regardless of whatever news she might have. Just knowing she's on my side, the advocate for my book, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

5. Yes, this website makes me quite happy. I can watch many of my favorite shows there because I usually miss them when they're on television. The husband is normally glued to football or the weather channel, so I sit beside him, laptop and earphones plugged in, and watch whatever I want without disturbing him.

6. My car. I really love my car. It's a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe and the absolute best car EVAH! Comfortable, fun to drive, good gas mileage, reliable, and unbelievably good in snow. I can listen to cassettes or CDs, and long trips are a real pleasure. I always feel safe and secure whenever I'm driving my car.

Okay, now I get to tag six people to list their 6 happy things. Here they are:

Paty Jager
Elizabeth Naughton
Deborah Wright
Bryn Greenwood

The rules are as follows: link to the person who gave you the award; write down six things that make you happy; post the rules; tag six others and let them know you’ve done it; tell the person who tagged you when your entry is up.

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I'm so speedy I already did it. (Okay, I'm kinda cheating, because Gretchen tagged me a few days ago.) At any rate, I have finished: