Monday, February 9, 2009

Marketing Monday

I can hardly keep my eyes open this morning and coffee isn't helping. The puppy got up with my husband at 5:15 and I couldn't get her to go back to sleep. So I entertained her while hubby got ready for work. This dog is driving me insane. She doesn't stop for a second. Chewing and biting and chasing the cats and getting into mischief every second. I have to put her in her crate just to get some peace, and I feel bad about it. But she gives me no choice. Anyone want a 3 month old border collie/pit bull puppy? I really am a cat person.

It has now been a full week without my laptop and I haven't chewed off my hands yet, which is a good sign. The shop that has it should give me a diagnosis by the end of the week. I keep wondering what I'll do if the laptop is really truly dead. Will I buy another one? Tempting, but I just bought the new behemoth I'm working on now. Several clients still owe me money... Hmm...

Marketing news? Bwahahahaha! No, not a peep. At least not for me. But a couple of friends have fantastic news this week. Rose Pressey just got offered a book contract with Medallion Press, and as result was able to entice an agent to her corner to help negotiate the contract. You go, Rose! Another friend, whose identity I shouldn't reveal yet, is working through her agent with an editor who has asked for revisions to her middle grade manuscript! So exciting. I love seeing such positive activity happening in the publishing world. It gives me hope that it will happen some day for me, too.

Oh! I need to tell you how fabulous Malia's one-woman show was last Friday night. Such excitement! There was a write-up about the show, which started mid January, in the Lane Community College newspaper. There are pictures! So you can see the lovely gallery and how her art was displayed. So cool. I couldn't be more proud!

And I have to add that the drive over the pass and through the valley to Eugene was majestic and peaceful as always. I adore those amazing 3 hours of natural beauty through the Oregon wilderness. See the photo at the top of this post. It's the McKenzie River that runs alongside the highway. Fabulous!

Despite the laptop crisis, I continue to add words to Mystic Taxi. The devil puppy makes my life miserable, but I will prevail!

There will be news here tomorrow, and on Twitter, as to whether or not I made it to round 9 of Karin Tabke's First Line contest. So far, so good.


Rose Pressey said...

Thank you, Karen! I wouldn't have made it through the querying process without purgatory.

Elise Michaels Media said...

Good luck with the laptop! this has been the month of computer crises all around. And, yes, puppies are the devil in disguise.

Merc said...

Luck with the laptop and demon puppy. ;)

I'm a ferret person myself but yes... when they are out playing, it's a miracle if anything gets done. :P


Barbara Martin said...

Karen, put your puppy in her crate for a couple of hours a day to spend by herself. She doesn't need to be out with you all the time. What if you need to leave her in the crate at another time for several hours? I had show dogs at one time and they spent a good portion of their day in their crates, especially when I worked a day job. They got to come out at night to play and do what all young dogs do...bug their owners.

It is not being cruel to her to put her in the crate for several hours. Babies are put in cribs for their afternoon naps.

Your puppy is full of energy from the terrier blood.