Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I know I'm late updating the blog, but better late than never, right? I may not post tomorrow because it promises to be a busy day. I'm leaving town to drive over the mountains to Eugene so I can be there for the opening of eldest daughter's art show at the Fenario Gallery. I'm so excited for her! Her art is featured on the front page of the website. Her name is Malia Schultheis. It's a long drive to get there, about 3 hours, and I don't know what the weather will be doing. Probably snow on the pass. Yuck. But once over the pass, the valley is absolutely breathtaking. It's a beautiful drive.

I got quite a bit of writing done today, which was a shock. Almost 2000 words, and that's unusual considering everything else I was doing, like the day job, not the least of which involved keeping track of an energetic puppy. But I made her favorite sweet potato treats and she is the happiest little doggy camper.

For anyone looking for a good writing contest to enter, I happily endorse The Sandy, an annual literary contest sponsored by Crested Butte Writers Conference. It's open to entries right now! All genre categories are available to enter, and the final judges are fantastic. Check it out! I'd so love to attend the conference, but I can't afford more than one trip to Colorado, and that's in September. But Donald Maass will be at Crested Butte this year. Waaaaah! I'll get over it. *pout*

Another contest on the horizon, which is free and online, is the monthly Secret Agent contest sponsored by the Miss Snarks First Victim blog. If you don't yet have an agent, you don't want to miss this one. It's interactive and it's fun.

Okay, gotta go make dinner and make sure the puppy isn't chewing my husband up. He can't control her. Apparently, I'm the only one who can. Sigh. I'll post a new picture of Kinsey soon so you can see how much she's grown.

Have a great weekend!


Merc said...

Have a great trip!

Barbara Martin said...

Thanks for the contest tips.