Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I order a lot online these days. Especially gifts, because that way I can have them shipped directly to the recipient rather than me having to languish in line at the post office. There's always a line. It's nice not having to mess with the P.O. anymore now that I have an agent and the query/partial/full fiasco is OVER.

But I digress...

Anyway, regarding online orders: Has anyone else noticed the online ordering process seems to take longer these days? It's like running the gauntlet when you try to check out. Here's a scenario to demonstrate what I mean:

Me: Click check out button

Online Order Thing: Please check your order to make sure all items are correct and click continue.

Me: Click continue

OOT: Please confirm all items are correct and click okay.

Me: Click okay

OOT: If you're sure all items and totals are okay, click continue.

Me: Click continue

OOT: Please select method of payment.

Me: Enters method of payment

OOT: Please make sure all items are correct and click confirm.

Me: *pulling my hair out at this point as the phone rings in the background, someone's knocking at the door, and the dog is barking, while two of my cats get into a skirmish over whose turn it is at the food bowl.* Click confirm

OOT: Please check to make sure shipping information is correct

Me: *the landline stops ringing as the cell phone starts up, the email dings to let me know I've got mail, the doorbell is ringing since the knocking yielded no results, the dog is now growling, and there is cat fur flying through the air* Click correct

OOT: Thank you for your order. For a printable receipt... blah blah blah

This is an over-exaggeration, but my point is that ordering online takes longer than ever, and with all the distractions, I'm worried I'm going to click the wrong button and it will send me back to the beginning. It's happened before.

My daughter now has a copy of The Graveyard Book by the fabulous Neil Gaiman winging it's way to Colorado for her birthday. Was it easier than going to the brick and mortar bookstore to buy and ship from there? I don't know. It used to be. Even so, I understand why it probably takes so long to order online now. A lot of people order stuff, then change their minds and blame the merchant, so the merchant just wants to make sure you're sure what you're buying. Sheesh. The gauntlet, but I get it. And I'll keep ordering online, too.


Michelle Muto said...

I do most of my shopping on-line, too. But yes, seems it isn't as quick as it used to be.

queenofmean said...

I do a lot of online shopping, too. I probably end up saving money because if I go to a 'real' store (esp. a book store) I end up buying more stuff