Monday, March 23, 2009

Marketing Monday

Lots of great news today! I'm happy to report I emailed Mystic Taxi to my agent yesterday. Yes! I'm so excited for her to read this book and am eager for her feedback. I'm anxious for this one to be out on submission as soon as possible. I'm already fantasizing about the editors I want to read it. And, believe it or not, I have a sketchy idea for the next book in the series. Fun, fun, fun!

I'm so excited for my online friend, known to AW Purgatorians as Tasmin, who just got a 3-book deal with Berkley/Roc. Woo hoo! She so deserves it, and it's so heartening to know publishers are indeed buying books, and they buying them from new authors! You can read about her excellent news here.

My other lovely online friend, Authoress, announces the big reveal of the Secret Agent for this month's Secret Agent Contest on her blog, Miss Snark's First Victim. So a lot of folks got good news today. I just love it when people are happy! It makes me happy. And boy, I need a good dose of happiness after the craptastic week I had last week. Ugh.

Let's see, what else. Oh! Another one of my online peeps, Cindy Pon, is looking forward to the release day coming up next month for her young adult fantasy novel, SILVER PHOENIX. The publisher is HarperTeen and you can preorder the book on Amazon. Not only does it sound like a fabulous story, you'll want to buy it for its stunning cover alone.

The economy may be in the crapper, but life goes on in the world of books and publishing. :)


Creative A said...

That's always got to be exciting :) Good for you.


Janet said...

AW Purgatorians. Gotta love it.

Congratulations on another book completed.