Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Teaser Tuesday - Mystic Taxi

Okay, couldn't resist. Sigh. But lets keep it between us, okay? :) From Mystic Taxi:


Ronald laughed. "That trick never gets old, Henry. But you'd better release my web-fingered friend or I'm going to test how sweet your sweetie really is." The spawnster's tongue was long enough to wrap around Wanda's neck and slide along her chin. It felt slimy and smelled like garlic. She held back a gag.

She didn't want Henry to release his man, so it was up to her to make a move on lizard-boy. "How did you know what I like?" she asked Ronald.

"What?" He didn't sound so confident now.

"I enjoy bein' tasted." She snuggled against him, pressing her bottom into his groin. "You feel good. I bet you taste good, too."

His grip loosened and she turned in his arms so that she faced him, her forehead level with his chin. She smoothed her hands up his belly, sliding them over his chest until she reached his heart. Power surged through her skin, seeking the demon energy beneath her palms. Her single lock of green hair heated her scalp. Looking at Ronald's face, she asked, "How does that feel, lizard boy?"

His skin had gone pale and he was making choking sounds, as if he couldn't breathe. "What are you doing?"

"Easin' your burden. It must be rough bein' only half a monster. So now you get to be half a man."

He moaned. "No. Please. Don't take away the best part of me." The light went out of his eyes and his expression became slack as drool dribbled down his chin. He sagged against her and she backed him toward the stairs, easing him down to sit on a step, her hand still on his chest. Her fingers still glowing, she watched Ronald's face. The reptilian features began to fade. The scales on his forehead vanished and his ears shrank to a more normal size, the tips no longer pointed. His nose was a regular shape now and she imagined his tongue shrank, too, but she wasn't about to check.


Anonymous said...

*shudder* Body-modification gone horribly wrong. I hate it when lizardy guys hit on me. ;o)

Courtney said...

Whoa weird! What a cool creature. Reminds me of highschool boys! =D

Karen Duvall said...

LOL, Red. :)

Yeah, Mythica, I remember a few of those myself. *shudders*

JenWriter said...

Okay, that's creepy! Great visuals. I could really picture how slimy the lizard-boy was.

Creative A said...

Nice scene. It was really quick, but I was there all the way.

Good picture too! ;)


Anonymous said...

I think he's the one mothers warn about. Lol!

Barbara Martin said...

Creepy and very well done, Karen. Bravo!