Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Isn't she lovely? Kinsey at her finest. She loves water, and mud apparently, and I think she may have labrador in her background somewhere. She's never met a sprinkler she didn't like.

Wow, it's Thursday already? That reminds me, I have another blog I need to post to. Sheesh. I've become a writing fiend this week, but it feels GREAT! :)

Fabulous news about Mystic Taxi: It's out on submission! Squeee! The manuscript is having its first publisher review this week. Fingers crossed!

Knight's Curse is still waiting for news. Sigh.

As for all this writing I'm doing, it's nonfiction articles for online content sites. Pay is low, but I figure if I ramp up production I might make decent money. I have three writing articles up now at Suite 101, so stop by my profile and click on the links to those articles if you'd like to read them. They're rewrites of 3 of the 5 description workshops I did here on the blog last summer. I'm eager to contribute more.

I'm also writing for Demand Studios, and those articles, so far, have been mostly on arts and crafts. The three I've done are under review, so they're not published yet. When they are, I'll be sure to announce it here on the blog.

I've found to be loads of fun to write for. It's a very different set-up than the others, more like a community, and it allows for lots of creativity because many of the articles are essays. They even have a creative writing area for novel excerpts, poems, memoirs and short stories. I've published an article on how to socialize your puppy, litter box training a kitten, what a skinwalker is, and one on free advertising tips for restaurants. Hee hee! I'm having way too much fun.

I just got the email today letting me know I've been accepted as the Vegetarian Examiner for the I have 3 days to decide if I still want it, and I think I do, but I'm afraid of being overwhelmed. I write fast and writing all these articles is great training and discipline for writing my novels, but I don't want to overextend myself.

My design work is still coming in at a slow trickle. Hardly a trickle, it's more like little drops. Ugh. So I've applied for what appears to be a fantastic job here in town (yes, I gasped in amazement as well) as a graphic designer. No one's called me yet for an interview, and I have no doubt they're inundated with resumes, but I just applied yesterday so... Patience.

I hope your summer's going well. It's not exactly summer yet, but close enough. As usual, Central Oregon is getting pelted with rain this time of year and it's lovely.


Barbara Martin said...

Your puppy is growing nicely and ready to play, mud and all. Innovation is a writer's success and doing the freelance articles is a good way to get your name out there.

Suzanne McLeod said...

Kinsey, mud and water!! Looks like lots of fun *g*

*crosses fingers/toes/everything* for Mystic Taxi. And great news about all your new non-fic writing, Karen :-)

S. xx

Creative A said...

Hey Karen! I've been thinking of you lately, so yay that you blogged. I can't believe how Kinsey is. I have a black lab and the look on Kinsey's face is the exact look our lab gets when she's mischievous and excited - wouldn't be surprised if Kinsey had lab in her myself!

The news on Mystic Taxi is cool! I'm sorry you've had to wait so long on Night's Curse though...the excerpts from that one were pretty awesome. Hang in there :)


Barbara Martin said...

I just read your article on "skinwalkers": excellent and very well done.

Creative A said...

Congrats on winning the Romance Through the Ages Contest!!!! That's so wonderful! :) I heard about it through Chan's blog, and just wanted to let you know how excited it was. *throws confetti*


Heather Massey said...

Congratulations for Mystic Taxi! Fingers crossed for you.