Sunday, March 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Chasing Sunstorms

The manuscript I took six sentences from last Sunday has to be put on the back burner for awhile. I need to focus all my attention on my novella that will appear in Harlequin's upcoming End Of The World Anthology. The title is SUNSTORM and it's about the aftermath of the biggest solar storm in history that devastates the planet in 2012. My heroine is a storm chaser who's able to predict any kind of storm before it happens. In this scene, she's having a premonition of an upcoming storm:

It began as blustery gusts, and the pleased looks on people's faces expressed their relief. I had to agree with them. The air seemed inert on most days, so having it brush through my hair like ghostly fingers felt wonderful. Scraps of paper and dead leaves blew across the street and collected in dry gutters. Women had to hold down their skirts and dresses to keep them from flying up over their heads. What started out as laughter quickly turned to shouts of alarm as tree branches, cardboard boxes and garbage cans rolled over the ground at incredible speed.

The anthology will be out sometime in 2013.

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T.E.Schoenborn said...

Wonderful scene. A storm chaser, eh? Timely with all the solar storms happenings lately. My internet was down off and on all day, BendBroadBand said they were working on it. Related? I wonder...