Sunday, July 27, 2008

Left Behind Workshop Week

We're all calling it something different, I think, but the essence of these workshops is they're for fiction writers, they're free, and they're open to the public. Next week is RWA's annual conference, and those left behind shouldn't have to be deprived of fun and educational workshops to help hone their skills.

Here are some of the online writing workshops available to anyone inclined to participate:

The annual NGTCC (Not Going To Conference Conference). This one is free, but you must register with Romance Divas in order to participate. They'll have other authors, agents, and editors as guests.

Paperback Writer is hosting her 3rd annual Left Behind & Loving It Conference with daily workshops.

Not Going To Frisco: Writing Biz Reality. Her Logo for her workshop depicts the best thing about staying at home: no high heels required. Guys, I guess you never have to worry about this problem, but you can picture her logo with a necktie instead. 8^)

Erotica author Sasha White will be presenting Voice: The Magic Behind the Words on her blog.

I look forward to seeing you all next week for my workshop on writing effective description. I'll cover the basics, provide some dos and don'ts, offer examples from others' books, and give a writing exercise each day of the week for each of the five senses. So sharpen your pencils, or uh, prime your keyboards, and get ready for some homework. Ha!

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